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How to
Save Electricity

Everything you wanna know. Shows you exactly how much you can save.

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Buy a House

Step-by-step guide for first-time homebuyers.
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The Military Budget as Cookies

This excellent animation from TrueMajority shows in graphic detail (using Oreo cookies) how ridiculously, large the military budget is, and how we could solve many domestic problems with a modest 12% cut. A must-see. (watch it now)

How to Not Get
Hit by Cars

An illustrated guide for bicyclists. Might save your life.

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Alphabetical Index
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Accessories for bikes
Accidents, Traffic, general stats
Accidents, Traffic, specific cases

Advocacy Projects
Airport redevelopment
Almanac (facts & figures)
Almanac (collision data)
Annual Moonlight Cruise
Anti-Bike groups
Arm-Pedaled Cycles
Austin Bike-In Theatre
Austin Bike Summit (2-01)
Austin Choices for Transportation
Austin Cycling Association
Austin, ranking as Top 10 Bike City
Austin Metro Trails & Greenways group

Back issues of newsletter
Backpacks, taking inside stores
Bastrop, route to
Beef, wasteful as fuel source
Bicycle Advocacy Council
The Bicycle Lane (radio show)
Bicycle Program of City of Austin
Bike Action Austin team
Bike Fit, how to check
Bike-In Theatre
Bike Lanes
Bike lane "tickets" (PDF)
Bike Month/Bike Week
Bikes Not Bombs
Bike Racks (for parking)
Bike Rides
Bike Shops
Bike Summit
Bikes Across Borders
Bikes, arm-pedaled
Bikes, electric-assist
Bikes, folding
Bikes, recliners
Bikes, tandems
Bikes, trikes
Bikes, Used

Bicycle Stocks
Blind Cyclists
Boggy Creek Bikeway
Brakes, different styles
Brands of Bikes
Brochures, downloadable
Buses, Natural Gas
Bus system website
Buses w/Bike Racks
Capital Metro (buses)
Cars, how to not get hit by
Cars, reporting smoky cars
Cars, parking in bike lanes
Cars, statistics
Cars, parking on sidewalks
Cars, pollution
Cartoons, car & bike
Cell phone use by motorists
Church of the Knobby Tire
Cicle Circus
City's Bicycle Program
City Government
City Council
Clothing, for extreme heat & cold
Clubs, Sports/Racing/Rec
Cold weather, tips for riding in
Collisions, specific
Collisions, statistics
Costs related to autos
Council, Austin City
Critical Mass
Crosstown Greenway
"Cycling News" newspaper
Deaths: see Fatalities
Dept. Store Bikes
Driver Distraction, problem of
Driving while Drowsy
Elected Officials
Electric-assist bikes
Electric scooters
Email, getting a address
Email Discussion List
Email Newsletter
Energy, used by cars
Fan mail
Fatalities & Injuries, specific
Fatalaties & Injuries, stats
Fighting Bike Tickets
Fit, checking your bike fit
Fixing Flat Tires
Fliers, Downloadable
Folding bikes
Fuel Cells
Full Moon Rides
Gas: Energy, vs. Beef
Ghisallo, Patron Saint of Cyclists
Global Warming
Handicapped Bikes
Harassment from Motorists
Hauling, Bikes for
Heat, tips for dealing with
Helmet Ordinance
Highways, SH 130
History, City Govt.
Huffy Bicycles
Injuries: see Fatalities
Justice, Lack of
Lamar Bridge
Lance Armstrong Bikeway
Lawnmower, attachment for bicycle
Laws, for bikes & cars
Laws, downloadable brochure
Lead (in gasoline)
League of Bicycling Voters
Legislation, TX proposed
License Plates, how to track
License Plates, "Share the Road"
Light Rail
Lights (front & rear)
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
Meat, wasteful as fuel source
Media, criticism of
Midnight Rides
Midnight/Moonlight Rides
Minutes of UTC/BS meetings
Money: City gives $40 to cyclists
Moonlight Cruise
Mountain Bike Trails
Movies about bicycles
Moving by bike
Mower, attachment for bicycle
Mueller Airport redevelopment
Music about bikes
Natural Gas Buses
Neighborhood Associations
Newsletter, back issues
Ozone Action Days
Ozone pollution
Pamphlet, downloadable
Patron Saint of Cyclists
Pfluger Bridge
Phone Numbers, re: roadways

Police, problems with

Polluting Cars, how to report
Pollution, caused by cars
Preventing Flat Tires
Pro-Car groups
Promoting Cycling
Puppetual Motion Cicle Circus
Radio Show
Rail, Light
Recalls of bike eqp.
Red Lights, Running
Red Lights, triggering to change
Register to Vote
Rent or Borrow bikes
Reporting Signal, Signs, or Roadway problems
Rights, downloadable brochure about
Riverside Drive
Roadway Improvements & Obstacles
Roadbuilding, Futility of
Roadway Costs,
. Cyclists' & Motorists' share of
Rumble Strips, problem with
Safety, How to Not Get Hit
Safety Accessories
Safety, statistics
Saint, Patron Saint of Cyclists
San Antonio, route to
San Marcos, route to
Schwinn Bicycles
Search back issues of the newsletter
S.H. 130
Shoal Creek Blvd. bike lanes
Signs, national standards for
Site Updates
Sleepy, driving while
Smart Growth
Smoking Vehicles
Songs about bikes
Speedway, bike ban on
Statesman, Austin-American, criticism of
Statistics, general
Statistics, safety
Stocks, Bicycle companies
Stolen Bikes
Sun, tips for dealing with
SUVs, tagging with tickets

Tandem bikes
Tandem club (TxCATS)
Taxis (rates)
Texas Association for Public Transportation
Texas Bicycle Coalition

Theatre, Bike-In
Tickets, How to Fight
"Tickets" for cars parked in bike lanes (PDF)
Tickets, tagging SUVs with
Timeline, City Government
Tires, fixing & preventing flats
Tires, Flat-Free, Colored
Top 10 ranking for Austin
Town Lake Park
Traffic Laws
Traffic Signals, triggering them Trailers
Trains, Light Rail
Trans Texas Alliance
Transportation User Fee
Triangle Development
TxDOT's 25-year plan
Unicycling Page
Univ. of Texas rules & issues
Updates to this site
Upper Boggy Creek Bikeway
Urban Transportation Commission (UTC)
Used Bikes, Where to Buy
Used Bikes, How to Buy
Volunteer Opportunities
Voter Registraotion
Waterloo Cycles
Weather, tips for clothing

Women's Multisport
Work Bikes
Yellow Bike Project
Amy Babich
Bobby Sledge
Dave Dobbs
David Baker
David Sullivan
Doug Ballew
Eric Anderson
Fred Meredith
Gayle Cummins
Jeremy Rosen
John Kelso
Keith Snodgrass
Linda DuPriest
Michael Bluejay
Michael Zakes
Mike Dahmus
Mike Librik
Patrick Goetz
Preston Tyree
Rick Waring
Roger Baker
Tommy Eden

Remembering those we've lost
Debra Prokop, 2001

Ed Day, 2000
Prof. Wm. Gardiner, 2000
Matthew Bohr, 2000
Michael Smith, 2000
James Morgan, 1999
Wesley Ray Belcher, 1999
Ben Clough, 1998
Andrew Turner, 1996
Tom Churchill, 1996
Thomas Linsley, 1996
William Sigtryggsson, 1996
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