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Used Bikes

  in Austin, TX

How to buy a used bike

Check out our guide for how to buy an inexpensive bike for basic transportation.

Yellow Bike Project

The Yellow Bike Project often has used bikes for sale..

 Bike Shops that carry used bikes:

Thrift Stores


Monthly swap meet of bike parts.

Used bicycles at Waterloo Cycles

Waterloo Cycles ships to the 48 states for $60.
Just click to order.   For questions, write to Waterloo, not to us.

ATB/Mountain Bikes

$299  Fuji Nevada 6.0 21
$299  Fuji Sagres 3.0 20
$449  Kona Sex One 20
$899  Kona Explosif 18"

Road Bikes

$229  SE Draft 43cm
$249  SE Draft 55cm
$279  Origin8 Cutler CB 52&54cm
$299  SE Racing Tripel 55&58cm
$699  SE Racing PK Ripper DC 51cm
$699  Specialized TriCross 56cm

Hybrid Bikes

$299  Fuji Crosstown 4.0 23"

Hybrid Bikes

$349  Fuji Crosstown 2.3 17
$349  Fuji Crosstown 2.5 17"
$349  Fuji Crosstown 3.0 17"

BMX/Kids Bikes

$249  SE Racing Wildman
$299  SE Racing Quadangle

Clearance Bikes

$899  Kona Mano Mano 14"

Cruiser Bikes

$229  Fuji Sanibel 2.0 19
$249  Fuji Sanibel 2.0 14
Inventory as of June 27th, 2015. All bikes subject to prior sale,
limited to stock on hand, not responsible for typographical errors,
prices may change without notice, batteries not included.

Our Free Classified Ads

Post your ad on the web forum and it will show up here automatically in 30 minutes.
Be sure to put "FOR SALE" in the title or it won't get listed here.

FOR SALE - 1980 Raleigh Technium Competition 531 - $150 (posted 5/20)

FOR SALE: 2021 Fairdale Lookfar--$400 (posted 4/3)

Fuji Auric 27.5 1.1 Mountain Bike for sale (posted 6/16)

2016 Santa Cruz 5010 CC XT/Carbon Wheels Size Small For Sale (posted 11/25)

Jamis Trail X1 For Sale in Austin (posted 4/11)

FOR SALE - $700.00 Women's Felt ZW5 (posted 4/13)

29'er for sale 1700.00 (posted 11/15)

Bikes, bicycles for sale (posted 9/2)

German Road Bike for Sale (posted 7/14)

For sale: Tour Easy, Long Wheelbase Recumbent (posted 6/24)

Other Online Ads

Bike Theft & Recovery

The UT-Austin police will stamp your ID number onto your bike for free on Wednesdays from 9:00-4:00 in front of Gregory Gym at 21st & Speedway. You don't have to be a student; it's open to everyone. In addition to stamping your license number, they'll put a registration sticker on the down tube. Sure, the registration sticker would be easy for a thief to remove, but the point is that when thieves even SEE the registration sticker, they may avoid stealing your bike because they know that it's registered and has your ID number stamped into it, so it'll be harder to sell.

Note that some cyclists are wary about having their bikes registered, because then if they get harassed by the police for any reason, the police could ID them with the state ID # etched into their bike.

We have a separate article about bike theft and recovery.

Last update: Oct. 2017

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