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Helmet Laws

Cyclists' right to the road handout

The excellent article we used to have on this subject is gone. Some sites quit linking to us because they claimed that the article encouraged cyclists to break the law, although it did no such thing. So a fellow cyclist offered to host the article on his site to make it available, and we simply linked to it.

But that wasn't good enough for some people. Doug Ballew then complained to the City's Bike Program that we were still encouraging cyclists to break the law by linking to the article in question, and got the Bike Program to remove their link to!

A few years later, the site which had been hosting the article disappeared, so now readers no longer have the opportunity of reading a clear, if lengthy, explanation about the legal process and the steps involved from ticketing to prosecution. No doubt Doug Ballew is very happy.

All we could salvage was the following graphic from the article.

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I've tried without success to get local groups to add their events to this calendar (Bike Texas, the Yellow Bike Project, City's Bicycle Program, Bike Austin, etc.)
If you'd like to help edit the calendar, or at least add your group's events to it, then please let me know!

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