Welcome! We cover bicycling as transportation, with an emphasis on Austin, TX, USA. We don't cover biking for recreation, sport, or charity. Bicycle Austin is a volunteer project (not an organization) by Michael Bluejay (and not to be confused with Bike Austin, which chose a name similar to ours).  Advertising revenue on this site supports local cycling advocacy.

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Our web forum is the place for discussion about biking and transportation issues in Austin.  You'll probably also want to sign up for the email list (see the box at right), so you can get all the web posts from each day sent to you in a single email message.  So, in practice, it's post to the web, read on the list.


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Drivers are at fault in over 90% of car-bike collisions (source) and 90% of pedestrian deaths (source).

Upcoming rides & events

Want to get your event listed below? Just post it on the web forum and it will show up here automatically 30 minutes later. Be sure to include the exact date & time of your event in the title, so that shows up too. Do NOT use relative dates like "This Saturday" or "tonight" because your post will still be here weeks from now, and at that time the reader won't know which day you're referring to. (i.e., Do not write your post as though everyone who reads it is reading it today.)

35th Annual Moonlight Cruze Bike Ride Sep 3rd, 2am (posted 8/29)

Car-Free Day on Congress Ave. in 2018? (posted 6/26)

Gears for the Years- September 24th, 2017 (posted 6/27)

World Naked Bike Ride Austin June 10, 2017 (posted 6/3)

Bike to Work day May 19th, 2017 (posted 5/16)

Ride of Silence: May 17th, 2017, 6:30pm, Pfluger Ped Bridge (posted 5/16)

Ride of Silence - Far North Austin (posted 5/9)

Tommy Ketterhagen Memorial Ride Jan 29 10am @ East View HS Georgetown (posted 1/27)

Full Wolf Moon Bike Ride Wed, Jan 11, 2017 11:59PM Pfluger Bridge (posted 1/5)

Thursday Night Social Ride-Holiday Lights Ride III Dec 29, 2016 7:30PM (posted 12/28)

Bicyclists cheated out of bond money!

Voters passed $150 million in transportation bonds in 2000 (Proposition 1), which was supposed to be spent at $15M per year for ten years, and was supposed to include bike projects.  In March 2006, Councilmember Raul Alvarez asked the city to reveal how the money had been spent so far.  The answer was that the first $67.2 million ALL went for SH 130 right of way, and not a penny for any of the the other things promised to the bond voters on the ballot, including bike projects!  As a result of Alvarez' request, $10 million was proposed (with about $5 million so far for sidewalks). If you read the Chronicle article, you will see that $20 million was being promised for bike and ped projects just before the election. (info courtesy of Roger Baker, May 6, 2005)

The City now has a Bond Oversight Committee which is an important check on the system.  It makes the above kind of bait-and-switch a lot harder to pull off.

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