How to
Buy a House

Step-by-step guide for first-time homebuyers.
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The Military Budget as Cookies

This excellent animation from TrueMajority shows in graphic detail (using Oreo cookies) how ridiculously, large the military budget is, and how we could solve many domestic problems with a modest 12% cut. A must-see. (watch it now)

How to Not Get
Hit by Cars

An illustrated guide for bicyclists. Might save your life.

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Cheap Airfares

How to find the
Cheapest Airfare

Everything you wanna know.

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Printable Brochure about
Bicycle Rights

Traffic Laws

Austin & Texas (summary)

Austin (detailed)

Texas, Bikes (detailed)

Texas, Motorists (detailed)

Helmet Laws

Cyclists' right to the road handout

By popular demand, I've created a little brochure detailing the rights of bicyclists to the road, and spelling out exactly how threatening behavior from motorists is against the law. It's handy for:

  • Giving to motorists who think you don't have a right to the road.
  • Giving to police officers who suffer from the same delusion.
  • Giving to merchants who say you can't park on the sidewalk.
  • Looking up exactly how threatening behavior from motorists is illegal.

These are Texas laws so they're applicable all over Texas. You can download the brochure and print it out. I will *try* to get some hard copies into bike shops and Wheatsville in Austin, but no promises.

Download the handout (PDF, 12k)
This is a TINY file and downloads super-quick.
You can also read the HTML version of the handout.

Instructions for Folding

1. The brochure is double-sided. Print out the second page onto the back of the first page.

2. There are three brochures to a page. Each brochure as 1/3 page high. Cut the page into three equal horizontal sections.

3. The brochure has three "panels". Fold each brochure into thirds so that "Bicyclists' Rights" is on the front and "About this Flier" is on the back.

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