Saving Electricity

How to
Save Electricity

Everything you wanna know. Shows you exactly how much you can save.

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How to
Buy a House

Step-by-step guide for first-time homebuyers.
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The Military Budget as Cookies

This excellent animation from TrueMajority shows in graphic detail (using Oreo cookies) how ridiculously, large the military budget is, and how we could solve many domestic problems with a modest 12% cut. A must-see. (watch it now)

How to Not Get
Hit by Cars

An illustrated guide for bicyclists. Might save your life.

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Contact the Editor

Almost every inquiry should be posted to the web forum, NOT emailed to me. I just don't have time to play Helpdesk to the world for questions, and if you're trying to publicize something, you get a bigger audience by posting it to the web forum where thousands of people can see it, rather than sending it to me where only I see it.

I will list your ride if it meets all of the following:

  1. Ride is weekly or monthly.
  2. Ride is completely free, with no registration required.
  3. Ride is not a sports or training ride.
  4. Ride starts inside Austin.
  5. You have a web page for the ride, which clearly lists the ride schedule.

If your ride meets the above criteria, then and only then you can send a listing request.

For all other rides, do not email me, but instead post your ride yourself to the web forum.

Please publicize my event, survey, stolen bike, etc.

Please post it yourself in the forum. Then it will show on the front page of the site automatically. I see all posts made to the forum, and if I see something that's really worthy (about 1% of the time), and I have the time, then I'll write about it elsewhere on Bicycle Austin too.

If you ask me to publicize something rather than following the directions above, you have a 0% chance of having me write about it.

I want to interview you for an article.

Interviews are available only to real media, not students. Also, I've been out of the local bike scene for years and am probably not a good source for whatever information you're looking for.  Ask your question on the forum, or contact Bike Austin (which is not the same as this site, Bicycle Austin).

Let's trade links.

Link trading is ridiculous and offensive. You're basically saying, "Hi, your site sucks. If I thought it were any good I would have linked to it already. I'm willing to link to it, not for the purpose of sharing a good resource with my readers, but rather because if I do so I can bribe you to link back to mine. And of course my site is also so crappy that you wouldn't link to it if I weren't bribing you with a return link."

Yes, I know all about (misguided) SEO. I have #1 rankings all over Google, and I didn't get them by wasting my time with link exchange requests, I got them by building websites of value.

More on why your link exchange request failed.

Please give me more info about something I saw on your site.

I'm sorry, I don't have it. What you see is what you get. If I know about something, it's on the site. If it's not on the site, I don't know about it.

I didn't spend hundreds of hours creating this incredibly detailed website in order to share what I know, and then intentionally withheld some of the information, so I could dole it out on a piece by piece basis only when someone writes to me about it.

Of course, you can tap into the collective knowledge of the local bike community by posting your query on the web forum.

Another site by Michael Bluejay...

Michael Bluejay explains slot machines.  I know about more stuff than just bikes.  My explanation about how slot machines work is probably the best you're gonna find anywhere.'

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