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Video of the 9-28-01 Critical Mass Ride

Our coverage of the 9-28-01 ride:

The 9-28-01 Critical Mass bike ride in Austin generated some controversy when a jeep driver (Henderson) intentionally ran over a cyclist and crashed into another car. The Statesman ran one version of the events, the Chronicle ran another, and then the owner of the car that got hit disputed both accounts in a letter to the Chronicle, claiming that the cyclists "beat the crap out of" the motorist.

Here's what really happened (and we have the video below to prove it): Mike Henderson, frustrated by the delay, squealed his tires and sped his jeep recklessly through a pack of cyclists, who parted to avoid getting hit. Cyclists then surrounded him at the red light and yelled at him. The light turned green, and then Henderson STEPPED on his accelerator, plowing right through cyclist Justin Davis (slamming him into the ground), while Davis' bike was caught under the wheels. Henderson proceeded to crash into Krissy Morrow's Honda Civic which was waiting at the same light but headed in the opposite direction. Henderson got out of his jeep and one cyclist (reportedly one of those whose bike Henderson hit) pushed Henderson's head with his hand. Henderson then walked around his jeep and grabbed another cyclist's bike, throwing it to the ground. That cyclist punched Henderson in the face. No other punches were thrown, Henderson certainly wasn't "beat up", and what little did happen certainly wasn't unprovoked (though I by no means support it). During this time, a cyclist slashed at least one of Henderson's tires.

Before flaming me, please understand that I am not a regular participant of Critical Mass, much less a leader or even a spokesperson. Further, I don't condone any violence or vandalism on anyone's part, whether motorist or cyclist. Finally, if you want to berate Critical Mass, then emailing me won't accomplish your goal, since I am not Critical Mass, and I'm not a messenger besides. If you want to talk to CM riders, the only way to do so is to go to a ride.
You need the free QuickTime software to view the following movies, if you don't already have it.
Video taken by Jeff Lazar: chinkasqa@yahoo (Add the ".com" yourself; I took it off so that spambots don't pick up his address.)

Motorist Mike Henderson running over cyclist Justin Davis.
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Part 1: Henderson screeching through the crowd and running over Davis.
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Part 2: Henderson exiting his vehicle, trying to mangle a cyclist's bike, and getting punched by said cyclist.
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Part 3: Krissy Morrow, whose Honda Civic Henderson crushed, gets out of her car to talk to Henderson.
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