Government: Services & Contact Info

Also see our summary of meetings where cyclists can speak.

This page last updated: February, 2017

City Government

Report Roadway & Sidewalk problems

Report roadway problems to the City.

Police department's collision database

Search APD's collision database.

City Council

I have a special page about the Austin City Council.

Urban Transportation Commission

I have a special section about the Urban Transportation Commission.

City's Bike Program

I have a special section about City's Bicycle & Pedestrian Program.
Regional Government


  CAMPO is a political entity which plans & funds transportation projects for all of Travis County, southern Williamson County, and northern Hays County.

Travis County.

  The Travis County Commissioners Court is deceptively titled -- they're really a legislative body like a city council, not a court of law that determines guilt or innocence. They're comprised of a "judge" (more like a chairman) and four comissioners.

State Government

Texas Dept. of Transportation

Visit their website.

Texas Legislature

Here's the form to find out which Representatives and Senators represent you.

To find out about legislation, visit the Texas Legislature website.

U.S. Government

The White House    

U.S. Senate   U.S. House of Representatives
  Rep. Lloyd Doggett:   website  

Here's the form to find out which Representatives and Senators represent you.

Congresional Bike Caucus

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