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Proposed trail to connect Town Lake bridge with Ullrich bridge
by , 476-7304, 5-31-00
On behalf of the Friends of Crosstown Greenway, I submit the following action item:
With construction underway this May 15th on the Town Lake bicycle/pedestrian bridge, and the installation of the new Ullrich bike/ped bridge on May 16th, I propose that the Austin Coalition of Cyclists commit by word and deed of its member organizations to support an interim trail connection between these two bridges. Be it resolved that this temporary trail connection be planned, designed, funded and built by the completion of Town Lake Bridge constuction and Ullrich Bridge opening.
As noted by Fred Meredith in the June 2000 Cycling News, this trail connection should be the obvious next step, to be followed by specific advocacy efforts to fund and build both the NW 5th St. Town Lake Bridge Arm as well as the NE Seaholm extension. Fred also suggests that these issues are so compelling that a $10,000 Bikes Belong grant could be applied for to assist in this effort. I believe that the ad-hoc coalition of Austin Metro Trails and Greenways, Downtown Area Neighborhoods Association, Austin Parks Foundation, Friends of Crosstown Greenway, and bicycle organizations is ready for this task. Please attend tonight's meeting and support this effort.

More detail on the proposed trail
The new Ullrich Bridge over Shoal Creek will provide direct access from downtown to future civic resource Seaholm Power Plant and the new Town Lake Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge @ Lamar. The Ullrich Bridge represents the first physical expression of the Crosstown Greenway. Coupled with City of Austin Bike/Ped Program plans for the 4th Street underpass @ IH35, the central section of the Greenway from Lamar into East Austin will be realized. And taken with Shoal Creek trail improvements now underway, this bridge is perhaps the symbol for bicycle and pedestrian trails and greenways thoughout Austin.
Adjacent to the Ullrich Bridge is a 120 year-old railroad trestle slated for removal according to Peter Rieck, Director of Public Works. Not only is this trestle an historic accent to the Shoal Creek Greenbelt, this bridge represents future capacity for the Crosstown Bicycle Greenway, and the access it creates between a number of trip generators either under-construction, planned or foreseen on both sides of Shoal Creek. Clearly the scope and syncronicity of new downtown development on both banks of Shoal Creek demonstrate the possibility that the just placed 12-foot wide Ullrich Bridge may at some time in the near future prove inadequate for the task at hand. Locking into place a 12-foot-wide corridor at Shoal Creek by removing the trestle may inhibit the function of the Crosstown Greenway as a bicycle thoroughfare. To retain the trestle for possible future use as a compliment to the Ullrich Bridge would not only preserve an historic Shoal Creek icon, but also enhance the possibility of creating a pedestrian/ bicycle-friendly downtown.
The Ullrich Bridge/ Crosstown Greenway will connect nearly two-thousand new units of residential contruction; a booming downtown with an 800-room Hilton, Computer Sciences Corporation campus, Carr America tower, Austin Museum of Art, and Intel; future civic resource Seaholm and probable light rail station. A Thursday, June 22nd meeting to discuss the Trestle and Ullrich Bridge approaches has been called by COA Public Works.
The Shoal Creek Crossing and the connection to the new Town Lake Bridge are perhaps the most critical elements to an evolving Crosstown Greenway. Adjacent to these bridges are the Town Lake trails; an emerging Shoal Creek Greenbelt residential corridor; a revitalized 4th Street Streetscape; a possible Nueces bicycle boulevard; the pedestrian-friendly 2nd Street retail mall; future Green Water Treatment Plant redevelopment; and of course future civic resource Seaholm. This location over any in the city of Austin is where we can capitalize on creating a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly redevelopment.
Looking out five or ten years, one can imagine this location with not only bicyclists and pedestrians, but also tech workers, tourists, convention attendees, bird-watchers, runners, joggers, skaters, kid-cart pushers, perhaps even pedal-cabs and horse cairrages. A possible light rail staition at Seaholm would add downtown office workers, warehouse district revelers, and Austin Museum of Art visitors.

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