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The following comments on Portland were received from LRP List participant Rob Dickson, currently attending a Congress for New Urbanism conference there. Certainly, walkable streets and convenient, comfortable, attractive transit - -including light rail - contribute to a quality of life that many Austin-area voters may wish for. There's nothing like first-hand, personal observations to convey what can result from a commitment to sound goals in urban and mobility planning. -- LRP, 06/19/00

Portland's rail adds to quality of life
 I'm on a bus at 10:53 PM from Downtown over to Vancouver, WA. It's slowly filling up along the route. Downtown had many pedestrians on the streets when I left, and felt safe and active. A light rail train just passed in front of us at the Rose Garden (their arena) where a concert just let out. It was packed.
Portland made decisions to become a walkable, mobility choice community almost 30 years ago, and spent the money to do it, and the positive results are apparent everywhere. They changed their land use policies, they actually removed freeways instead of adding them, they limited Downtown parking, and they built light rail and they run a very efficient bus system on 15 minute headways.
They have a sustainable community and a sustainable economy. And they have real quality of life.
Austin continues to argue, and act like it has "quality of life" when all it has is worsening traffic and bad air. Compared to Portland, we are falling far short.
Rob Dickson
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