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Below is a collection of external website links that have appeared in past issues of the Bicycling in Austin newsletter. Now that we have a searchable index of old newsletters, we're no longer maintaining this section.

Only links to other sites are listed; for links within this site, see our Index.

Here's our colection of back issues of the newsletter.

As these links become bad (and I notice it), I remove the dead links.

06-23-00 -- Parking ban proposal for Shoal Creek bike lanes
06-23-00 --
VeloMondial Conference in Amsterdam
06-23-00 --
Texas Bicycle Coalition's photos of VeloMondial
06-23-00 --
CAMPO approves SH 130 w/Mayor Watson as swing vote
06-23-00 --
Bicycle icon markings in roadways, #1
06-23-00 --
Bicycle icon markings in roadways, #2

06-16-00 -- Oil supplies are dwindling (Scroll down to the last article, "Global Oil Reserves....")
06-16-00 --
Oil supplies are dwindling #2

06-02-00 -- Rafael Quintanilla campaign

04-10-00 -- Map of the Lamar Bridge area

01-30-00 -- Job opening in City's Bicycle Program
01-30-00 --
Risque bicycle ad (WARNING: Rated Hard R!)
01-30-00 --
Bicycling commuter tube/tunnel in the Netherlands
01-30-00 --
Illinois: Drunk motorist gets lesser charge for killing cyclist
01-30-00 --
Illinois: Three siblings hit by cars one at a time over a period of years

01-23-00 -- Italian Cities ban cars on Sundays
01-23-00 --
Socially responsible stocks (bicycle & fuel cell companies)

01-16-00 -- Congressman Lloyd Doggett's survey

12-28-99 -- UTC Bicycle Subcommittee
12-28-99 -- Yellow Bike Project (no longer has a website)

12-5-99 -- Ride to D.C. to support National Bike Greenway, link #1
12-5-99 --
Ride to D.C. to support National Bike Greenway, link #2
12-5-99 --
$9 U-locks from Bike Nashbar
12-5-99 --
Bike Theft article in the Austin Chronicle

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