The Military Budget as Cookies

This excellent animation from TrueMajority shows in graphic detail (using Oreo cookies) how ridiculously, large the military budget is, and how we could solve many domestic problems with a modest 12% cut. A must-see. (watch it now)

How to Not Get
Hit by Cars

An illustrated guide for bicyclists. Might save your life.

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Cheap Airfares

How to find the
Cheapest Airfare

Everything you wanna know.

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Battery Guide

Which battery is best? We cover rechargeable and alkaline batteries to show you what's hot, what's not, and the best way to charge them. (visit now)

Justice for cyclists?
Here are all the local cases we know of in which the motorist was at fault, didn't try to flee, and received at least a traffic ticket for their crime. (Yes, there's only one.)

John Howell (4-16-98, 7:30pm) ... diagram of collision (#5)

John Howell was traveling east on Steck, crossing Mopac, and was hit by a car traveling west and making a left turn to go south on the access road. John suffered a broken leg and a grade 3 separation of his right shoulder. The driver actually got a ticket (for failure to yield right of way)! John got a lawyer (Patricia Kelly) before he left the emergency room. As of July '98, John expected it to take another month or so to settle with the motorist. John is former president of the Austin Cycling Association. If an experienced cyclist like John Howell can get hit by a car that he could see in front of him, we all can.

Also check out the Harassment from Motorists page.

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