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Austin Bike Month 1999 planning notes

Bicycle! Austin Month 1999
July 29, 1998
Doug Ballew, Chris Kluth, Tom Delaney, Heather Sumners, Preston Tyree,
Gale Cummins, Rob Borowski, Keith Snodgrass, Allison Shultz, Annick
Beaudet, Shelley Wallace.
Planning for Bicycle Austin! Week 1999 has officially begun! We all
agreed that this was good time to start as we are thinking about private
sponsors and budgets are made in August/September.
Here is a running list of events and who will be primarily in charge of
organizing the event:
Doug Ballew- SuperCyclist Program children's safety event
Chris Kluth- City Bicycle Program general staff support; map service for
Bike to Work Day; find a new liaison for us at UT
Tom Delaney- Austin Ridge Riders swap meet; breakfast station volunteer;
beginner mountain bike ride
Heather Sumners- American Lung Association Clean Air Challenge;
breakfast station volunteer
Preston Tyree- ECI instructor bike commuter clinic; breakfast station
volunteer; ACA family ride event
Gale Cummins- TX Bicycle Coalition politician ride to Happy Hour
Rob Borowski- TNRCC Commuter Cycle Challenge; general organization and
fund raising
Keith Snodgrass- City Bicycle Program general staff support
Allison Shultz- Austin Transportation Study funding
Annick Beaudet- City Bicycle Program Bike To Work Day breakfast
stations; Commuter Cycle Challenge; poster & brochure production and
Shelley Wallace-  breakfast station volunteer; general support
Julie Wade- AMTGC Trails component of transportation system
We all decided on the following;
· Bicycle Austin! Week will become Bicycle Austin! Month.
· The politician bike ride and Happy Hour will be on a different Friday
than Bike to Work Day.
· Instead of only having one Bike to Work Day we will have participants
keep a tally for the entire month.
· If we decide to solicit prizes they will be given away as incentive
for Bike to Work participants.
· We will encourage Breakfast  Station restaurants to promote themselves
and get the word out to customers.
· We will work with the Lance Armstrong Foundation to try to have their
weekend tied into Bicycle Austin! Month.
· We will offer a map service throughout the month to assist those who
would like a suggested route form home to work or play.
· We will seek sponsorship to cover the cost of hanging large banners
around town.
· We will contact PODER in order to get more involvement on the east
side of Austin.
· Involve UT faculty/Staff in joining Bike To Work Day/Month.
· We agreed to have the poster printed in three sizes and to have most
posters/brochures professionally distributed
· We agreed to continue with radio advertising. We will create different
ads for the different radio audiences.
Other Ideas:
Bike to School day for kids.
The Yellow Bike Project will sponsor an event.
What to do now:
Annick & Rob agreed to draft a "wish list" describing what it would take
to accomplish Bicycle Austin! Month 1999.
Annick will draft a summary of  the number of participants of Bike to
Work Day from previous years and provide information on how the event is
beneficial to all involved. She will use this to attempt to persuade
restaurants to have a vested interest in promoting Bicycle Austin!
Shelley will find out how to reserve space at the various banner
locations around town.
Rob will create a proposal to send out to companies and government
agencies to encourage their participation in the Commuter Cycle
Annick, Keith, and Rob will work on a proposal for sponsorship of
Bicycle Austin! Month and/or individual events.
Chris will look into involving the University of Texas.
Annick will call PODER to see how much they care to be involved.
Next Meeting:
We agreed to meet two months from now. The City Bicycle Program will
contact everyone next month to coordinate a time and place
Keith Snodgrass
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator

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I've tried without success to get local groups to add their events to this calendar (Bike Texas, the Yellow Bike Project, City's Bicycle Program, Bike Austin, etc.)
If you'd like to help edit the calendar, or at least add your group's events to it, then please let me know!

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