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#2 Re: Commuting/Routes » Alternate route from S. Pleasant road to 183 » 2016-02-26 21:20:54

The bridge at Kriegs field is going to be out for years before they replace it.

I have been thinking about making a new path down through the river there. When it's dry, it would be bikeable, though some may need to walk up the steep sides.

I also thought of installing some ladder-like wood structure on the steep concrete slabs to help with going up and down them. I asked FB social cycling and didn't get one like, so I haven't pursued it.

#3 Roadway hazards » Gap in road - UT Pickle » 2016-01-21 20:32:05

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Update - it's been fixed.

Be careful if you take that western road N-S through Pickle. They did some road construction there and left a 1' gap in the pavement. It's especially bad if you are going south - as you'll hit a nice 90 degree edge and destroy your wheel and possibly wreck. There are no barriers or signs or anything to alert you.

#4 Re: Bike Lanes / Facilities » Metric Blvd & Gracy Farms Ln » 2016-01-16 19:20:31

If you are going SB on Metric, it is easy to detour to the sidewalk for the hillclimb at the driveway there. You can re-enter the road at the top of the hill where the bike lane appears again. Of course, it's not ideal but better than sharing the lane with traffic on the hill.
The new bike lanes north of there are nice.

#5 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Cyclist Stephen Arthur Guiney, 55, killed on 12/22/15 on Brodie Ln. » 2016-01-01 16:03:43

How can we find out the results of the investigation? I want to know who was at fault. The media rarely ever follows up.

#6 Re: Bike Lanes / Facilities » Metric Blvd & Gracy Farms Ln » 2015-11-20 23:03:26

Progress is being made, so I would say that we Austin is more bike friendly than 10 years ago. The problem is that we still have so far to go before we have a truly comfortable, safe city to bike in.

I was on SCB the other day, at rush hour. What a disaster it is. Cars are taking it upon themselves to make their own rules, such as using the bike lane when approaching NB at 2222. Speeding like crazy. Not yielding to cyclists who are passing parked cars. The city should have clearly visible signage to remind drivers that they are to yield to cyclists when overtaking. I think the city is too complacent on educating drivers. I can't imagine how many would-be bike commuters do not ride because of the horrible design on SCB. The same goes for all the other crucial routes that are sub-par.

#7 Re: Commuting/Routes » Does no one care about an injured rider on the trail? » 2015-08-11 12:06:27

Most people on the trail on too engrossed in listening to their music to be aware of anyone around them.

I hope you recover quickly.

#8 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Travis County judge Gisela Triana arrested for DWI, 3/20/15 » 2015-06-01 22:14:44

Lifetime lose of driver's license is in order. They should be held to a higher standard.


#9 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Challenging mentality of "you can't blame people for making a mistake" » 2015-04-24 13:06:02

Piloting such a deadly machine is seen not as what it is. It is seen as just driving. Since it is so embedded and common everywhere, it becomes the natural way.

So, make a mistake and "whoops, sorry!" Your dead.

Society doesn't want to acknowledge what it really is - an action that has very deadly consequences, which just so happens to provide them transportation.

Would people walk around with loaded guns mounted facing each other (which would fire upon bumping into someone else) if it provided a better transportation experience? That's pretty much what driving a 3000lb vehicle is. Most people don't want to accept that truth, they rather live in denial and blame the victim (cyclist, motorcyclist, other person in smaller car they killed) and chalk it up to a mistake. Whoops.

#10 Re: Traffic Laws » Ora Houston on bicycle riding » 2015-04-15 17:44:38

I agree, she needs to learn more about bicycling.

All sidewalks are not created equal though. When I cross town lake on I35, I use the sidewalks, which are in fact much much safer than the frontage rds with cars going 60mph and no shoulder.

#11 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Driver who stopped for ducks in road gets jail, no license for 10years » 2015-04-15 17:39:46


Unless it was a blind corner, I don't the driver should be at fault. What if she had stopped because of some other road obstruction or accident.

The rule is - you should travel at a speed which you can stop within the same distance of your sightline. Obviously the motorcyclist wasn't.

#12 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Homicidal/idiot driver vs. cyclist (silver Honda #843 YTZ, 7/29/14) » 2014-07-30 16:12:49

I was almost hit by car doing a U turn on Dean Keeton there. I was going EB and they cut right in front of me, only to stop at the last moment for me to pass by. I gave her a thumbs up and she honked at me. So I stopped and asked what's up. She continued to bitch at me for doing something wrong and how she hates all bikers. As if I didn't have the right of way. Clueless motorists. I gave a thumbs up because she managed to not hit me.

#13 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » bike/ped collision » 2014-07-19 17:46:51

That road (24th) is a guarantee that a ped will walk out in front of you, usually without looking. That's the case all over campus. Got to be ready for it. Not sure what really happened here though.

#14 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Bike/car collision at HEB (Hancock) exit on I-35 frontage road » 2014-07-19 17:44:30

I too have gone through there hundreds of times. It's much more comfortable than using 38th st. I'm usually crossing 35, not on the frontage SB.

Were there any witnesses to confirm that the Prius had the green light?

I know when I cross under 35 there, I always check that a car isn't running the red at high speed. Something I do at all intersections.

#15 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Half of car collisions in L.A. are hit-and-runs » 2014-07-09 16:20:57

It's July, so get ready for the bullshit spotlight to shine on cycling and all the Tour de France comparisons. Washington Post already started throwing utter BS.

Meanwhile, I got right hooked twice last week, and both drivers thought nothing wrong of it when I confronted them.

I've not seen one dangerous cyclist maneuver in recent memory. Every bike I see is riding predictably, legally and sensibly.

At the 183 north open house I overheard a woman complaining about how bikes cross the white line outside of the bike lane. I never see a cyclist do that unless they have to pass a parked car or other obstruction. I see lots of cars float into the bike lane for no reason.

#16 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » KVUE: Austin's Drinking Problem » 2014-07-04 17:07:23

It all comes to money. The death of innocent people is just collateral damage. Keep pumping the booze, do a weak effort to enforce the laws, and keep the masses happy, drunk, and spending their money.

#17 Re: Cars / Gas / Energy » Car insurance went up after selling one car » 2014-05-11 21:47:42

Yes, the total went up. The car we kept is newer and so it has collision and comprehensive coverage. But it still doesn't make sense.

I didn't expect the total cost to drop 50%, but maybe 30%, instead of increasing 15%.

#18 Cars / Gas / Energy » Car insurance went up after selling one car » 2014-05-09 19:46:19

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Two drivers on the policy, we had two cars. I sold mine and the insurance went up for us. Even with taking myself off the policy, the rate is even higher (for one driver, one car).


So much for trying to save money by not owning a car.

#19 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » TXDOT against bikes ghosts and living » 2014-04-29 21:12:47

TXDOT is run by people who laugh at the idea of door-ing a vulnerable user (motorcycle) for lane splitting. How do I know? I was there at the public meeting when they got their chuckle on. It's mostly just an organization of old men who grew up in an era where the automobile was their lifeblood and the idea of a bike for transportation is lunacy for them. The younger TXDOT staff are more progressive from what I've seen, luckily.

#20 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Reflections on my biking after a near head-on collision » 2014-04-15 15:14:09

So, APD has evidence of a careless, dangerous driver and says they can't do anything about it? What happens if this lady kills someone next week for doing something stupid?

We need to get dangerous road users off the roads. They are the problem. This lady belongs taking the bus for the next few months.

No surprise she's in a Ram1500.

This is why I hate riding busy roads like Guadalupe. Just too many interactions with cars.

You didn't do anything wrong either.

#21 Re: Commuting/Routes » South 5th Bottle Neck » 2014-04-15 14:54:48

My comment wasn't specific to this section of road. It's just a general observation that I encounter in most neighborhoods.

#22 Re: Commuting/Routes » Just moved back to East Austin » 2014-04-01 12:10:17

The Walnut Creek trail is concrete. Not the smoothest, but definitely road bike-able.

#23 Re: Commuting/Routes » South 5th Bottle Neck » 2014-04-01 12:08:52

Parked cars near intersections create blind spots when you are trying to cross the road. Often times you can't see if it's clear until you are in the middle of the road. That's what I was saying.

#24 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Four dead, over 20 wounded on Red River St. in SXSW crash » 2014-03-19 09:41:07

MichaelBluejay wrote:
dougmc wrote: [of the two people killed] was a cyclist (i.e. on his bike when killed) visiting from the Netherlands.

Yeah, I saw that.  Oh, the irony.

In other news, the driver was previously convicted of DWI and also charged with hit-and-run. (Newsday)  Why the hell aren't we taking these people's licenses away?  Yeah, I know, the response is always that they'll just drive anyway, illegally, so that means we throw up our hands and do nothing?  I say, DWI or hit-and-run should mean that you give up your license for a non-trivial period of time, measured in years -- in addition to whatever other penalties the system may impose.


#25 Re: Commuting/Routes » South 5th Bottle Neck » 2014-03-19 09:39:25

Parked cars, especially within 100feet of an intersection make the roads significantly more dangerous. So many blinds spots due to cars blocking the view.

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