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Shoal Creek, part trois (?)

This was posted to the Facebooks (and more discussion here) --


It's not hard to tell which side of things the makers of this flyer are on.

In any event, somehow I suspect this may even be more than part three, and Michael has documented some of the previous attempts really well ... and I guess here we go again!

(That said, if this is the plan, I'm not sure I'm in favor of a two-way bike lane on anything but a one-way street ...)

It's all that accursed "downtown entity" !


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Re: Shoal Creek, part trois (?)

Riding against the flow of traffic while crossing busy intersections.   The whole way from 38th to Foster?  What could possibly go wrong??   I' m not anti-bike lane, but I am anti stupid bike lane.  If they build it, I will not go there.


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Re: Shoal Creek, part trois (?)

dougmc, I didn't just *document* previous attempts, I *spearheaded* the 1996 attempt.  Pretty much by myself, but only because I couldn't get anyone else interested in helping me push for it.  I thought the fact that city staff was recommending car-free bike lanes too might be enough.  It wasn't.  Anyway, here's my report on that first attempt.

On the current plan, Bike Austin's website, typically, doesn't have any level of detail about what they're proposing for Shoal Creek Blvd., besides "Add protected bike lanes to serve people of all-ages and abilities on the street" and "Improve the street for more experienced bicyclists through signage, on-street markings and traffic calming."

I've begged Bike Austin to occasionally post what they're up to here (on the BICYCLE Austin forum), but they refused.


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