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Drunk driving culture

Drunk driving isn't something that's done by just a small percentage of people, it's deeply ingrained as part of the culture.

Percentage of drivers who drove impaired in the last year:
    * 42% (% driving impaired among those who use both alcohol and marijuana, Columbia University, 2022)
    * 18.9% (The Zebra, 2020)
    * 17.3% (The Zebra, 2021)
    * 9.1% (MADD, 2013)

Percentage of adults who drove drunk in the last 30 days.  2% (CDC, 2012)

Frequency of driving impaired.  Alcohol-impaired drivers drove 147 million times in 2018.  That's about one time for every two people in the U.S. (Forbes, citing CDC)  CDC's table says 111-159M times a year, for 1993-2014.

Enforcement.  Drivers drive drunk an average of 80 times before their first arrest. (MADD)

Best DWI Lawyer Award.  Our local "alternative" weekly, in its Best of Austin issue, had a category for "Best DWI Lawyer".  They didn't print the letter I sent to complain about that. (Bicycle Austin, 2017)

Includes actors at all levels of government.  Drunk driving is committed by police (who are supposed to be enforcing drunk driving laws), by District Attorneys (who are supposed to be enforcing drunk driving laws), and legislators (who are supposed to be making drunk driving laws). (Bicycle Austin, 2019)

Fatalities not improving.  Drunk driving fatalities have been flat between 2010-2019, at about 10,000/year. (Bankrate)

Share of crashes.  28% of 2018 traffic fatalities and 19% of 2019 crashes involved alcohol-impaired drivers.  (Forbes, citing NHTSA)

Texas vs. U.S.  The drunk driving rate is 10% higher in Texas vs. the U.S. (CDC)


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