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#1 2020-05-18 15:18:10

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Coronavirus bike boom? … virus.html 

Article notes for NY region and nationally, demand for bicycles and bicycle parts and maintenance is way up since end of Feb.


#2 2020-05-18 17:45:35

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Re: Coronavirus bike boom?

This definitely seems to be happening in Austin too.

Anectdotally, the bike shops are slammed, both for sales and service.


#3 2020-05-25 20:42:58

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Re: Coronavirus bike boom?

Yeah, the other day I was pulling my 100+ lbs trailer packed with groceries home from HEB. My left crank arm just plain fell off in the middle of the parking lot.  A few seconds later and I would have been crossing Parmer lane (in the same spot I was once hit), so I guess it could have been worse. And it could have been raining.

I called Bicycle Sport Shop to see about a replacement crank arm fixing bolt. They aren't even taking calls!  I was directed to send an email to their sales people.  I never heard back so I ordered the part, and a few other things, from Nashbar.  And most of that is on backorder.

Good thing I thought to have a whole garage full of bikes!  I never expected there to be such a bike boom.  I figured with the drop in the price of gas, in a state without strict stay-at-home policies, there would be even more cars on the road - even if they didn't have a place to go.


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Re: Coronavirus bike boom?

RedFalcon wrote:

I guess it could have been worse. And it could have been raining.


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