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New Benefit for Travis County employees

My daughter just told me about this new Travis County program to encourage their employees to drive less.  It's called CLIP, and it just started.  Neither of us work for the county, so we don't know much more than what I copying and pasting below.  It doesn't specifically mention cycling, but it sounds like that could be included.  Has anyone tried this yet?  Can it include cycling?  I wish my employer did this!

Travis County is excited to announce a new program for employees called the Commuter Leave Incentive Program (CLIP) that begins Oct 1.    This new program, CLIP, rewards employees who walk, telework, work a compressed work week, or use public transportation for their daily commute to and from work.  With each sustainable commute you accumulate points that will translate into leave (see website for details).  For the first 3 months (Oct-Dec) you will earn double the points!  That’s right!  So be sure to sign up soon!

The goal of CLIP is to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality so everyone wins.  Employees can find more information about how to participate in this exciting new program by visiting traviscentral/clip.


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