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Amazon deliveries yield carnage on the road, abuse of drivers

BuzzFeed wrote:

Two drivers for a different delivery company operating in the Los Angeles area said they were forced to skip meals, ordered to urinate in bottles rather than stop for bathroom breaks, and advised to speed and not wear seatbelts to ensure they delivered more packages in less time.....

Public records document hundreds of road wrecks involving vehicles delivering Amazon packages in the past five years, with Amazon itself named as a defendant in at least 100 lawsuits filed in the wake of accidents, including at least six fatalities and numerous serious injuries. This is almost certainly a vast undercount, as many accidents involving vehicles carrying Amazon packages are not reported in a way that can link them to the company. And in some states, including California, accident reports are not public.

The deaths have included victims as old as Escamilla and as young as a 10-month-old baby named Gabrielle. Often with little training, and at times piloting vans in dangerous states of disrepair, Amazon drivers have crashed into cars, bicycles, houses, people, and pets. And under constant pressure to deliver ever more packages, drivers have piled parcels so high on their dashboards that they couldn’t see out the windshield — causing at least one serious collision. … ery-deaths

The article is amazingly and impressively comprehensive, like something you'd expect from The Atlantic, the quotes above just scratch the surface.  Definitely worth a look.


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Re: Amazon deliveries yield carnage on the road, abuse of drivers

I have noticed an increase in bad driving involving these delivery drivers.  (3 just yesterday on the commute home) They are like pizza delivery drivers only worse because they are in larger vehicles with more blind spots.  I rank them just between BMW drivers and Lexus drivers as likely road hazards.


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