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How long does it really take to get stuff done?

A few months ago, while killing time on the internet, I came across a You Tube channel called "The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered".  I'm a history buff and quickly became addicted to this series.  The concept is brilliant.  He does extensive research on quirky long-forgotten topics and presents them in short 10-15 minute shows.  He doesn't waste time or money on special effects or extra talk.  You can watch one of his episodes in the time it takes to eat a sandwich and you will learn a whole lot.

Our issues, as transportation cyclists, are tied up with both urban design and public transportation. Recently I found two episode that might be of interest to transportation cyclists. 

The Man How Rebuilt Paris:
(My takeaway: To fix our streets, I think we are are going to need a bigger emperor.)

The Day The Gauge Changed: … EEfMAkXhs6
(My takeaway: So, we COULD have light rail along Guadalupe/Lamar in MY lifetime.)

Watch out, these are addictive.  I searched for anything he has done that directly relates to cycling, but I didn't find anything.  I'll bet we have some forgotten history, though. This guy takes requests, so if we know of any forgotten cycling history that deserves to be remembered, we can always ask.


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