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Re: The Austin B-Cycle thread

Are scooters at the Domain yet?  There are pretty much no bike lanes there.  Whenever we'd plead with the City to put bike lanes somewhere, they'd say, "Oh, there's no room, because the roads are already built.  But we'll make sure to require them on new roads."  Then new roads would go in without bike lanes, like at the Domain and much of Mueller.


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Re: The Austin B-Cycle thread

Yes, there are some scooters in Domain.  I have even seen a couple at the HEB at the Mopac / Parmer intersection.  They aren't there often enough to count on, though.   I have also seen scooters at Gracy Farms / Hobby Horse.  Last week there was one behind the Fry's electronics store.  I saw one last night at the Howard redline station.  That is the farthest north I have seen one, but like the HEB, not often enough to plan a trip around.

I don't think I have seen any dockless bikes yet up here in the frozen north.

Yeah, when they built Domain it was supposed to be pedestrian and cyclists friendly.  It's not the worst place to get around, for sure, but it could have been so much better.

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Re: The Austin B-Cycle thread

I've seen multiple scooters on Jollyville near Duval a few times.  My guess is someone took one all the way back to their apartment one evening and it worked so well they did it a few more times.

On NextDoor I've heard of people seeing a few as far as Avery Ranch in Williamson County.


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