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#1 2008-10-20 15:25:23

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Bicyclist Hit on 21st and Nueces

This morning at 9am a bicyclist was face down in the middle of 21st st. and Nueces, one shoe off, and his mangled bike posted against a curb. When I rode up, there was one officer on the scene, walking towards the young man. Standing a respective distance around the intersection, there were a lot of students, construction workers, and a middle aged woman crying hysterically.  In the next five minutes I did not see him move at all. A few cop cars, a couple firetrucks, and an EMT arrived. It wasn't until the paramedics' cut his shirt off, flipped him over on to a gurney, that I believe I saw some movement from his hands/arms.

Does anyone know more about this?
It's been on my mind all day. I hope the guy is ok after such a traumatic morning.


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Re: Bicyclist Hit on 21st and Nueces

The person hit has given his story here.

Quick summary: sounds like he was badly hurt, but nothing serious.  The accident was caused by a woman running a stop sign (though it sounds like he only slowed for his stop sign as well rather than stopping.)


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Re: Bicyclist Hit on 21st and Nueces

We only know from the victim, who has obvious reason to claim so, that the woman ran the stop sign, although we also have no reason to believe she didn't. This only emphasizes how important it is for everybody to come to a goddamn stop. Yes, even if you look and think nobody's coming.


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