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AISD police officer named in 2/18 hit-and-run on pedestrian

When even police officers do hit-and-runs, you know that hit-and-run is an accepted part of the local culture. … 1153677856


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Re: AISD police officer named in 2/18 hit-and-run on pedestrian

Apparently the plea deal happened a month ago but I just saw it mentioned on the news this morning (maybe the sentence finally went through).  The often-used "didn't know I hit someone" defense. … 3713ce5d59

KVUE wrote:

Former Austin ISD officer Adam Marsh took a plea deal Friday afternoon for his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run that was caught on camera back in February 2018.

He took a no-contest plea, meaning he neither disputes or admits to the charge. Court records show the original charge in the case was "accident involving serious bodily injury."

Marsh has three years of deferred adjudication and must surrender his peace officer license.


He must do 80 hours of community service and can never be a police officer again.

Prosecutor Matt Foye said he thinks the agreement is appropriate based on what he would have been able to prove in court.

"We have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knew they were in a collision in which a person reasonably could have been injured," said Foye.


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