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Gov. Abbott: "Read my lips: No new toll roads"

I paraphrase in my title.  Here's what he actually said:  "I think TxDOT is doing a great job to build more roads and unclog our congestion.  Obviously, we want them to do that in a way as I promised and that is without adding more toll roads." (KVUE)

Republicans sure love to lap up free services as long as someone else is paying for it.  You know, there are makers and takers in this society, so this puts Republicans squarely in the Takers category.  And of course, rather than charging this service to only the people who actually use the service, it'll have to be funded by all taxpayers at large, increasing taxes.  If only there were a political party that preached that financial burdens shouldn't be shifted to others, that people shouldn't expect Free Stuff from the government, and that government services should be scaled back so that taxes could be lowered.


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Re: Gov. Abbott: "Read my lips: No new toll roads" 
Harvey Kronberg's noted yesterday:

November 20, 2017      12:54 PM

Amid fresh controversy over tolls, new conservative group will tackle traffic

The 501(c)(4) is not pro-toll road, but plans to counter those that say toll roads are never an option

A new group called Texans for Traffic Relief launched today amid growing controversy over toll roads to advocate “for solutions that mitigate the growing transportation challenge facing Texas,” per the group’s announcement.

“In light of the recent Unified Transportation Program discussions at TxDOT, it’s important to have a dialogue about how we are going to fund transportation infrastructure moving forward,” Texans for Traffic Relief spokesman David White said.

The rest of the story, subscribers only

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