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AISD's recommends kids not cross streets while school bus is stopped

Saw this weird article today...

AISD is advising kids who get off the bus to not cross when the bus is stopped with lights flashing etc, but instead wait to for the bus to leave and then attempt to cross later! … he-street/

kxan wrote:

the district no longer wants children to step off the bus and walk in front of it to get to the other side of the street.

“Take 10 giant steps back to be away from the bus,” said Hafezizadeh demonstrating the change. “It’s better for the students to wait as the bus pulls away so they can see both sides of traffic.”

He said the bus can block students’ line of sight, and make it tough to see drivers who may be ignoring the stop sign on the side of the school bus. Now, it will be up to students to cross the street safely without the help of a school bus stop sign.


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Re: AISD's recommends kids not cross streets while school bus is stopped

And that way the district can be absolved of any responsibilty when a kid gets hit by a car.  They can say "What? It wasn't the fault of our driver. She had already pulled away and was several blocks away when that kid got run over."  Maybe I'm beng too cynical. 

On the other hand, the bus does block the view of the traffic.  In some ways I can see it because the kids probably have a false sense of security when they are getting off the bus and the bus still has flashing red lights on.  It's like not giving RAF pilots parachutes in the Battle of Britain.  Made them fight Jerry a bit harder, wot.

Or, we could punish people who pass unloading school buses with life hard labor with no chance of parole.  OK, maybe not that for the first offense, but the problem still comes down to irresponsible car drivers.  Again.


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Re: AISD's recommends kids not cross streets while school bus is stopped

This might have something to do with it:

"In the last month...AISD Police say between 320 and 330 drivers were caught passing buses while their red lights were flashing." … one-month/

"Last year, from January to May, police in Central Texas issued more than 4,500 citations for violations in school zones." … e-drivers/

And remember this recent reporting of cars hitting kids exiting school buses:

And remember, as always, bicyclists have to follow the law "just like drivers" if they want respect.


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