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Robin Camp intersection plan to illuminate bike lanes

Interesting idea: … his%20year  Lighting for bike lanes at intersections; triggered by riders.


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Re: Robin Camp intersection plan to illuminate bike lanes

Yes, this looks like a good idea.  I followed the link and left this comment:

"Good idea, but the elephant in the room is unsafe motorists.  Yes, let's add these kinds of safety features, but how about we start taking drunk driving/hit and runs/ car aggression a whole lot more seriously.  How about instead of people getting a slap on the wrist for hitting a cyclist/pedestrian/other driver we put these reckless drivers in prison for 10 years hard labor (first offense)?  Let's quit acting like being able to drive is a Natural Right and start treating it as something that people only get to do when they act responsibly."

I do like the idea, but one thought I have about these lights is how they might train drivers to only look for cyclists when they are cued by these flashing lights.   I know that if these things get installed they will only be in the cool trendy parts of town south of The Wall (Hwy 183).  So, when I am commuting up to La Frontera at 0630 on a dark drizzly January morning will I be in more danger because there wont be any of these flashing warning lights at dangerous intersections along my route?   I do get that the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.  Lots more people ride farther south, so that's where the infrastructure needs to go. But I do wonder if in some ways these things are also just conveniences for drivers.  My boss has a rear view camera in her van.  Now when she backs out she just looks at the screen and not out the window.  I don't think this makes her safer, just less inconvenience.


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Re: Robin Camp intersection plan to illuminate bike lanes

Well-spoken on all counts.


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