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#1 2016-12-14 05:08:40

From: Austin, TX
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Part of 4th St. to be permanently closed to cars?

The Chronicle reports that Council was set to consider permanently closing off parts of 4th St. to cars: … the-rails/

Not sure what the decision was, though...


#2 2016-12-14 15:21:56

From: South Austin
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Re: Part of 4th St. to be permanently closed to cars?

I was at a meeting where the engineering/design firm and city staff presented this plan for 4th St. Facing fierce opposition from the Hilton and their valet parking service. This latest diagram/proposal seems to address their concerns with a cul-de-sac/turnaround that stays north of the train, pedestrian, and cycling facilities. Another interesting caveat is that they wanted to allow motor vehicle access through the so called pedestrian plaza during special events/times. Absolutely counter intuitive. It will be interesting to see the final plan as adopted. And it will still be a joke of a downtown central train station. Think about DC, NYC, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, other US cities. Wow.


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