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Ride The Car-Free Walnut Creek Trail All The Way Sat 12-10-16 9:45AM

Saturday, December 10, 2016
9:45 AM
1636 S 1st St, Austin, TX
Across from Fresa's Restaurant on South First, BUT SEE ALTERNATE POINT TO JOIN US

Don's Automotive Repair

Ride Meetup, Here

OK, we are going to ride the very mellow car-free Walnut Creek trail.  We leave from Don's Automotive on South First, meet 9:45, WHEELS DOWN 10;00 Five miles to the trail head, trail is about 10-15 miles out. (??)   So about 32 miles total.  BUT, you can fall in at the Govalle Park parking lot on Bolm Rd. alternatively.  Please RSVP with comment posted if that is your intention and be there with bike unloaded before 10:30, as those coming from Don's on South First should be coming through no later than that.  Until we are all together, let's stay in touch by posting comments to the ride.  If we have unanimous agreement we can go past the trail end to Manor or even beyond.  We will stay as a group.  Please be able to ride B-/B or better.  Hill factor:  LOW.   Hope for nice weather and a great car-free ride -- much, but not all, in the woods! 

OK -- here is a link to how we will get there from Don's  Automotive

Gary and I look forward to your joining us.


Southern Walnut Creek Trail is a nature lover’s delight.  Located in East Austin, this beautiful twisting and turning maze of trees and foliage is the city’s newest recreation resource for hikers, joggers and bicyclists.

Encompassing more than 11 miles of multi-use trail running by trees, flatland, soft hills and water, Southern Walnut Creek Trail consists of 10-foot wide concrete paths designed to accommodate a variety of users.  This beautiful nature-filled trail extends from Govalle Park to the Walnut Creek Sports Park at Johnny Morris Road and Daffan Lane and includes 5 bridges, culverts, signs and benches offering a breath-taking view at every turn.

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