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Shawn Day hit & run'd by SUV on Manchaca 3/15/16

A driver in South Austin ran into a cyclist and took off, leaving the man bloody and broken on the side of the road.

Shawn Day was taken to a hospital and treated for broken bones and given several stitches. He's hoping his story convinces the driver to come forward. … 6923-story

Fairly good piece from Fox7 with minimal victim blaming.  They mention the shoulder there is 20ft wide and how he had lights and reflective gear, they don't use the word "accident", and they say "a driver" ran into him rather than just "a vehicle".

Often I see local news pieces focus on a the "bad"... no helmet, busy road, etc, so it's nice to see them highlight things the bike was doing right.  Also I'm glad they're giving injury hit & runs airtime at all.


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Re: Shawn Day hit & run'd by SUV on Manchaca 3/15/16

Yes, that's much better reporting than we usually get, for sure.

Though no matter how good the reporting is, the fact remains that a frightening percentage of car-on-bike collisions are hit-and-runs.


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