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LCI Seminar in Austin

The City’s Safe Routes to School Program is considering pursuing League of American Bicyclists, League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certification for some of their trainers. 

At this time, we have 5 interested participants, but we need 8 to make the class.
Is anyone out there interested in becoming an LCI? 

If so, please see additional details below and contact me directly if you have other questions.  You can also read more about becoming an LCI on the League's website:

•    The course is $300 and includes 20 hours of instruction, materials for teaching, access to the LCI listserv, and access to on-line League materials.
•    There is a 90 day lead time to set up the course. So, if the course makes, we will likely hold it in Nov/Dec of this year in Austin.
•    LCIs are certified to lead and create group rides.  LCIs who post group rides on the League’s website prior to the ride, receive the League’s individual liability insurance.
•    Generally the course is held over the weekend.  However, if there is interest, it could be tailored to the participants needs and occur during work hours.

Speaking from experience, the course is an intensive, 3-day event that teaches you unique ways to teach, provides great opportunities to practice teaching, and is comprehensive in helping you to understand and present the material.  The materials are based on John Forrester’s philosophy of effective cycling (i.e. cyclists are safer when they act and are treated as vehicles). While today we know that most people are more comfortable riding in a separated space from other vehicles, the course teaches invaluable avoidance techniques and other skills for safely riding with traffic. 

As an LCI I’ve taught over 200 people the basic Traffic Skills 101 course.  It has been an overwhelming joy to watch people  gain confidence and discover the joy of cycling as they safely navigate changing lanes and riding in challenging situations. 

Please let me know if you are interested.

Nadia M. Barrera, PMP
Urban Trails Program Manager
City of Austin Public Works | Community Services Division


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Re: LCI Seminar in Austin

one the terms and conditions very carefully before you send any money to the League....their refund policy is draconian and if the requisite number of people don't sign up the class will be canceled and rescheduled, possibly to a time/date/place you won't be able to attend


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