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Full Moon Cruise Saturday 8/9 11:59pm Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

The sturgeon, a large fish common to the Great Lakes and other nearby bodies of water, is most easily caught during this month. The reddish appearance of the moon through the frequent sultry hazes of August also prompted a few tribes to dub it the Red Moon. Other names included the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon.

Whatever they called it, we'll be out riding our bikes!

We shall assemble Saturday night, August 9th 2014, at 11:59 pm, at the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge, and we roll at about 12:30 am.

The schedule for upcoming full moon rides can be found at

As always, ride at your own risk, having lights on your bike at night is a good idea and it's always prudent to have at least enough equipment to change a flat.


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