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Road closure on Red River between MLK and 15th St until Jan 2015


I received this today from UT.  I figured it might be info people here would find useful.

Attention University Community,

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, construction will begin for the realignment of Red River Street for the Dell Medical School Project. Red River Street will be closed from 15th Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard (MLK) until the end of 2014. Red River Street is projected to reopen to through traffic in January 2015.

Preparatory roadwork for the Red River realignment will begin Sunday, March 30, 2014 on 15th Street to remove the median to ensure two lanes of traffic each way while Red River is closed. 15th Street will remain open, but traffic delays are to be expected.

During this same time frame while Red River is closed, other lane closures will affect 15th Street, MLK Boulevard, and Trinity Street. These streets will remain open, but significant changes to traffic patterns and flow will occur. Southbound I35 access road along the southeast side of campus will also be affected. We encourage all that travel in this area to plan ahead and expect delays.  These delays will be compounded by any event at the Frank Erwin Center (ERC).

Permit holders for lots 19 and 23 will have access to their lots through the end of April. Permit holders in these two lots will receive notification from PTS and Dean Stuifbergen in regards to your parking situation shortly.

ADA spaces on Red River between 15th and Red River will not be available. PTS has added five additional ADA spaces in lot 20/23 next to the Collection Deposit Library. A University D permit is required for these spaces. You will be able to access this lot throughout the Red River closure.

University Shuttles and Capital Metro mainline buses will be diverted from their normal operations on Red River to the frontage road of I35. The bus routes affected are:

* 670 CP- Crossing Place

* 671 NR- North Riverside

* 672 LS- Lakeshore680 LS/NR Combined

* 10- Red River/ South First

* 20 Manor/ Riverside

* 37 Colony Park

* 100 MetroAirport (Southbound only. This will NOT affect the Northbound route.)

Information regarding parking, bike routes, pedestrian paths, as well as changes in bus routes can be found on the attached PDF titled "DMS Construction Advisory". PTS and University Operations will continue to monitor and update the University Community with future disruptions to parking, traffic, bus routes, and bike and pedestrian pathways.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting the University in all of its endeavors.

If anyone would like the attached PDF, I can make it available.


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Re: Road closure on Red River between MLK and 15th St until Jan 2015

Yes, very helpful, thanks for sharing!


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Re: Road closure on Red River between MLK and 15th St until Jan 2015


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