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#1 2008-07-24 18:41:49

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Looking for a Bike thief

I got this e-mail second hand from my mechanic.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Drop me a line to pass along to my mechanic, just in case:

Hey guys, I got ripped off! Big time.

Stupid me brought over some day labor dudes to
escavate my basement so we could build out a
room. One of the guys was not a recent border
crosser but a local flunky kid who cased the
joint. He apparently came back or had friends
in the business of bike theft come back the next
night. They grabbed my Gios out of the basement,
had a whole in the wall and could not lock it,
then the scott which i had left out side on my
front porch overnight ( we are gated), and they
took my stash of wheels, 20 or so that I had located
temporarily under the pool deck while we were

Please keep an eye out for the Gios, Blue, upgraded
to campy 7speed with Ouozo carbon black fork, red

And the Scott CR1, yellow tape, silver Kysirums, 11-26
SRAM cogset, with rub hole in saddle leather, black
carbon cranks, with KEO's.

It is amazing to me. I was so kind to these guys.
Round trip transportation, tax free $12/hours, paid
lunch hour, Big Mac Meals for all, worked in the
shade. And one of them stiffed me!

Any suggestions on what to do??


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