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Drunk Bicylist attacks motorist in portland.

A bicycling advocate was trying to tell a cyclist how he was giving other cyclists a bad name while driving his car, and he ended up getting nailed by the bike.

Turns out the guy was drunk.

I think the biggest story is how the media covered it, very biased.  But the cyclist was clearly in the wrong.


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Re: Drunk Bicylist attacks motorist in portland.

There's a lot of horseshit posted in the comments in the story.
However, I like this nugget:
" we should hold a pedestrian "Critical Mass" on the same days they do theirs. Get a mass of people to just start walking in front of them, force them to stop, force them to wait patiently while we exercise our rights as pedestrians and bring awareness to our issues. I'd be willing to bet that they wouldn't exercise the same amount of restraint that motorists are forced to exercise while sitting in a Critical Mass-made traffic jam. Dollars to donuts they'd plow through, ride up on the sidewalks, and do whatever they could to get around. I doubt they'd like a taste of their own medicine. "
That could be an interesting social experiment. 
Anyone up for "Pedestrian Critical Mass"?  :D
google PCM and i get a link to Amy's letter to the Chronicle about the pedestrian plan.  I think her intention was different.  :D

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