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Attitudes towards hit and run

When I was young in Texas in the early sixties hit and run was considered a heinous crime a lot worse than murdering your cheatin wife. I do not know what has happened to our culture that people accept this behavior.
On a related subject, I was told by an old Texas lawyer (no kidding) that if I ever wanted to murder someone in Texas to run over them with my car when I was sober and call it an accident, you'll never be convicted of any jail time serving crime.


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Re: Attitudes towards hit and run

That will most likely be the case for a long time to be. Anyone can say it was just an accident. … _aust.html

What frustrates me is this story is a sad one indeed. It has been on the news and, APD and others are saying that it is a tragedy, but when it happens to a gets no news play. Sad world indeed. I feel bad for the guy, but what about when I was hit by a car downtown and it was a hit and run?


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