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#1 2010-10-07 19:19:52

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biker down MLK & Miriam area

hi. i was running back from mueller and came upon a biker down on MLK heading west. he was on a brown surly and is on his way to brack. he was hit from behind on a hill, so he wasn't going too fast. unsure on the car speed. thankfully, the driver stopped and was attending to him along with some other folks until the police and ambulance got there. the level of concern by quite a few folks that stopped to help was really nice. he was conscious and calm and i am hoping his injuries are not severe.

right before this, as i was running up manor, i had just thought to myself, what is up with the sun these early evenings now. when you are riding, walking, running, driving, skipping anywhere heading west into the sun, you can't see a thing. practically blinded. i feel like this is what happened as they were both heading west on MLK full sun when its dipping low. be careful out there heading west during this time of evening.  the weather is great but the sun is beautifully weird as it sets.


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Re: biker down MLK & Miriam area

Yikes - thanks for the warning!!


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