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Female hit this morning on LAB in front of the Town Lake YMCA

Just reporting what my wife relayed to me, around 7:15am a woman was riding eastbound on LAB crossing B.R. Reynolds Drive when a vehicle turning right on red pulled out and she T-Boned it. Cut up leg and screaming, but alive. I see an immediate need for stop signs on LAB for Eastbound and Westbound bicycles at this intersection. I've seen way too many close calls here with drivers turning right on red and green and not expecting a bike in the crosswalk.

Be careful out there.


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Re: Female hit this morning on LAB in front of the Town Lake YMCA

I rode that intersection this morning at 7:25 going eastbound. There was a car blocking the crossing and two policemen with the driver. Since I ride the LAB daily I know that alongside with the streetlights there are stopsigns facing the LAB and a "stop here on red" sign  facing the cars on B.R. Reynolds which nobody complies to.
I, personally, believe that those stopsigns are ill advised, it seems that a no turn on red sign would make more sense, along with a better light cycle and —of course—enforcement.
My friend called the LAB a glorified sidewalk, and I almost agree with him., although I see the need for a well designed  separated bike facility.  It will serve better the bike community if the cyclists are seen as the vulnerable road users and the engineers work to protect them without turning them as subservients to motorized traffic.
I proposed to the Bicycle Advisory Council and the Bicycle Pedestrian Program a better cycle for the streetlights a couple of months ago and more than a year ago I said to them that there was an accident about to happen everyday there.
I do not know of accident stats at that corner involving a bicyclist but I would be surprised if this is the first one.

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