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#1 2010-06-04 22:56:03

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Roger Baker on Austin's transportation funding problems

We're lucky to have local transpo pundit Roger Baker within our ranks.  His knowledge and analysis of local and Texas transportation issues is invaluable.  Here's his latest piece, with the main points being:

* TxDoT is almost broke
* CapMetro is in crisis
* Local governments are being expected to shoulder a larger burden of regional transpo costs
* The population of central Austin has skyrocketed as density has increased, but there's no room for more cars
* Austin will soon exceed air pollution limits, requiring some kind of intervention

Check it out: … ation.html


#2 2010-06-09 13:17:12

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Re: Roger Baker on Austin's transportation funding problems

Is his analysis really invaluable? I can remember many years ago how he insisted that the toll roads would be empty of traffic, forcing Austin residents to take over repaying the bonds floated to build them. How'd that turn out? (I for one am thrilled that suburbanites are finally paying some of the cost of their choice to live out there).


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