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"Austin cyclist shot in back" … ff61c.html

WATCH: Austin cyclist shot in back
06:08 AM CDT on Wednesday, June 10, 2009
June 9th, 2009

An Austin cyclist is anxious to send out a warning about how he was shot in the back while riding his bicycle on Southwest Parkway.

It happened early in the afternoon of Friday, May 1st in the 7600 block of Southwest Parkway.

"I could sense that something wasn't right," said Brad Urry, a high-tech worker who rides his bicycle at least twice a week.

Urry said, two people in a light-blue Prius shot him in the back with a pellet gun and kept going.

The half inch deep wound barely missed his spine.

"When they went by me they scrunched down in the seat so that I couldn't see anything but the top of their heads," said Urry.  "I wanted to catch them to find out what did I do to deserve this?  Why would you do this to another person and create such a situation where somebody could literally get killed?" questioned Urry. He told KVUE he wants others to be aware of their surroundings.

"Just be cognizant, pay attention when you're out there because it caught me by surprise," he said. "I thought I was aware of everything that was going on around me and this caught me 100 percent by surprise. Nothing to provoke the shooting."

Urry wasn't able to get plate numbers, but Austin Police confirm they're looking for a light blue Prius.

Detectives said it isn't clear if the two people are white or Hispanic, however both have brown curly hair.

In April, Austin Police charged Darren Inberg with deadly conduct after he confessed to shooting at more than 100 cars with his pellet gun for several years because he thought they were going too fast.

Urry doesn't know if he's the victim of a copycat crime, he just wants other cyclists to look out for themselves and each other.

"A few of my friends asked me, 'Are you not going to ride the bike anymore?' I said absolutely not. I'm not going to stop. Nothing like this could stop me from doing that," he said. "I would say the lesson learned for me is don't panic when something like this happens. Stay in control, don't try to encounter the individuals yourself, just get a license plate number and report it."


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