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bicycle parking security lid … 33ddb.html

WATCH: Capital Metro tests new way to secure bicycles
10:15 AM CDT on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Capital Metro is testing a new way to stop a growing bike theft problem -- called the BikeLid.

"Some people may be apprehensive about leaving their expensive bikes here all day. So this is another way to encourage them to give it another try," said Capital Metro Spokesperson Misty Whited.

Whited says Capital Metro staff saw the product in other big cities and decided to give it a try at the Northwest Austin Pavilion Park and Ride location.

The directions are on the lid. A cyclist can park their bike inside, shut the lid and lock it with a cable or U-lock.

City of Austin Bike Program Manager Annick Beaudet helped Cap Metro get the product. She says she would like to see it used all over the city and that the cover is the key to keeping the thieves away.

"It's not only the bike as the whole it's the individual parts as well. In this building we've had thefts of seats only, handlebars only, they can be selective," Beaudet said.

KVUE News showed cyclist Allison Hartless a picture of the BikeLid. She says the contraption looks like a hassle, but she isn't writing it off.

"It could cut down on theft if enough people use them," Hartless said.

The sample was free, but the city paid $400 for shipping. Each one goes for between $800 and $1,000. Capital Metro plans to test the product for 6 months. The goal is to put a couple at each of their 14 locations.

To offset the price they may use the space on the cover for advertising. The city may be able to make the purchases with grant funds.


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Re: bicycle parking security lid

I like it, keeps out the rain and UV also.


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