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Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360: Bicyclist injured … ridge.html

Bicyclist injured on bridge

By Laura Heinauer | Saturday, April 11, 2009, 08:34 PM

A bicyclist was seriously injured Saturday while riding on the Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360 in West Austin. Police responded to a report of a car hitting a cyclist at about 10:40 a.m. Saturday. Warren Hassenger, a spokesman for Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, said the injured cyclist was a 20-year-old man. A police spokesman said the cyclist was taken to University Medical Center at Brackenridge.


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Re: Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360: Bicyclist injured

My boyfriend was out on a ride Saturday morning and saw the road closed down after the accident.  He couldn't really tell what was going on, except that it looked bad.  He checked the Texas Bicycle Racing Association website when he got home and found that the cyclist was Anthony Kaim, and according to second-hand information he lost control of his bike, hit the railing, and ricocheted into traffic.  He was subsequently hit and run over, suffering some serious injuries.  Miraculously, his head scans are normal.  He does have a broken hip, among other injuries. 

Read the TXBRA thread at: … forumID=19


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