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Vote for my idea to make roads safer for cyclists!


Please allow me to bring to your attention a new traffic safety idea
that can also help cyclists. This idea will be competing for a grant
through the Pepsi Refresh Project next month. Grants are awarded
based only on the number of votes each idea receives from the general public.

The idea is to "have 10,000 crash survivors share hard lessons to be
crash-free" (which will include cyclist-auto incidents). Learn about
this idea on YouTube at

The opportunity to vote for this idea next month (of September) will be at

Becoming a top vote-getter will be a huge challenge. I will not be
able to do it alone. It will depend on the willingness of people to
use their favorite social media to tell others about the opportunity
to vote for this idea.

Thank you for voting, as well as anything you can do to spread the word,
and ultimately, to empower the driving public (and cyclists) to
help each other stay safe on the roads.


Dr. Jeff Hadley


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