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Confirmed: UT will reimburse for bicycle rental expenses

I just got reimbursed for the expense of renting a bicycle while traveling overseas on business.  I did so as an alternative to renting a car, so the bike rental was significantly less expensive.

I asked my travel office contact beforehand and she said all I needed was a receipt clearly stating what the expense was for.  I'm betting any state employee could do same.


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Re: Confirmed: UT will reimburse for bicycle rental expenses

This is great! Thanks a lot for the news.


#3 2010-08-04 14:16:36

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Re: Confirmed: UT will reimburse for bicycle rental expenses

That's cool.  I think UT's a big enough institution though, that there _may_ be some variance on from department to department.

Back in 2002, working for UT, I had a business trip to Portland, Oregon.  I gave a shot at renting a bike, not knowing for sure about reimbursement.  A bike rental would have actually cost at least $75/week, so I looked for a bike to buy.  I found a workable one for $30 -- to buy.  I asked for a receipt that specified it as a rental.  At the end of my trip, I gave it to a new acquaintance in Portland.  When I returned to UT and asked if it was reimbursable, I had no problem with it.  To the department admin, it was clearly UT and department policy to reimburse such travel expenses.  Had I a receipt that said I "bought" the bike, I'm not positive what the response would have been, but I didn't take that chance.


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