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Hit and Run on NYE -- Mariel Mentink

I'm reposting this Facebook plea.  The many links below contain more information.

Help Find the Person Who Hit Mariel Mentink
she was riding legally and in a group and they didn't even stop
Host:     Social Cycling ATX
Start Time:     Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 6:00am
End Time:     Friday, April 9, 2010 at 9:00am
Location:     All around Austin
Please read the story below. A local cyclist is still in the hospital due to a hit and run on NYE. It could have happened to any one of us. This happened less than a mile from one of the Social Ride's routes. Let's increase the odds of justice being served as well as lend a hand to the victim and her family and help locate the person who did this. … 49702.html

Here is a request for help from the family of the victim:

Here is a blog started by her family to keep everyone up to date about her condition:

Here is Mariel's website:

Based on the location of the scene of the crime (mlk near springdale) and the direction the car was heading (west) i believe we should begin looking in the area marked by the purple line on the map but KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU ARE RIDING AROUND.


DO: whenever you can, take a nice long cruise through the area and be on the lookout for a gray SUV or pickup parked in a drive or on the street with some damage to the front. If you see a vehicle like the one described, take down the license number, call the police (472-TIPS) and let them handle it from there.

DON'T: Mess with the vehicle (evidence) or the person. Exacting immediate revenge will only cloud the issue, may hamper the investigation and get you in trouble. Your revenge will be knowing you helped make this person pay for their actions.

Please, everyone try to do this! The more eyes the better. A downed cyclist needs our help and all you have to do is take a cruise and be alert.

Also, please invite people to this "event" and repost where you can.

Thanks everyone.

-Keith … 6&ref=name


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Re: Hit and Run on NYE -- Mariel Mentink



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