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#1 2009-08-28 14:28:27

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Roger Baker is back

Old-timers on the email list will remember Roger Baker, who was a listmember and frequent contributor since the late 1990's, but who disappeared a year or so ago.  Turns out his service provider went bust and he had to get a new email address, and didn't get around to rejoining our group.  Well, he's back as of today.  In the intervening time, he hasn't been sitting still, he's still been writing about peak oil and road-building politics in Texas, with most of his stuff published at The Rag Blog.  For example, in a recent article he submits that, contrary to common belief, congestion in Austin has *not* been getting worse year after year, and that in fact it peaked some years ago and has remained level since then.  Check it out at The Rag Blog.

And Roger, welcome back!


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