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Dedicated bicycle crossing signal at Oltorf and S. Congress

On southbound S. Congress at Oltorf (and maybe other corners, I didn't check), a green signal with a picture of a bicycle indicates when bikes (and pedestrians) can cross at the crosswalk, with a large, illuminated "No Right Turn" icon lighting up for drivers, forbidding them from turning right into the crosswalk.  Every once in a while, I stop and reflect at how much has changed in Austin, facilities-wise, since I started biking here in 1985.

On the other hand, today while driving I stopped at a mid-street crosswalk wheere a pedestrian was stopped at the entrance to it, and the car behind me laid on their horn, without stopping, even after I eventually passed through the crosswalk.  They kept continuously blaring while speeding (in excess of the speed limit) off to the distance.  The more things change....


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