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World Naked Bike Ride 2023

It seems no one organized it this year.

Who organized it last year? I assume there is still a lot of interest. I can definitely organize if no one else is interested.

The socials and web page don't seem to be updated.

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Re: World Naked Bike Ride 2023

As far as I know, the organizer has been "KStyles" on  the meetup group for at least the last few years.  According to Meetup, he lives in Houston, and I've met him and he seems a nice enough guy, but I don't know anything about him beyond that.

There's also a  Facebook group, but that hadn't been updated since 2019, but now there's a recent comment that says

no, it is not the same date every year. We are exploring options for this year, considering mid-September. Keep your eyes open, will share more soon.

... so that's promising, but then again, I think we saw something similar in 2021, when the ride finally happened in October.

And for completeness, there's also Instagram and a web page. though I don't know if they're all run by the same person(s).

I'd say do message the organizers in these places and offer your services.  If there's no response after a while you could plan a ride without their involvement, but it would reach a lot of the previous riders if it could at least be advertised in the previous places, and things tend to get ugly if the previous organizers decide they don't want to pass the reins on after all.


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