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Cyclist Thom Washburn harassed on Springdale, 9/2022


Thom Washburn wrote:

I was just assaulted by a man in a beat up white Mercedes sedan. I was riding my bike to the far right of the lane on Sara headed towards Springdale right next to the convenience store. I wasn't in the way of anyone or holding up traffic, and this dude rolls up to me and starts cursing, and telling me to get off of the road. He got in front of me and stopped short in an attempt to get me to slam into the back of his car, and then when I asked what he did that for, he leaned out and started trying to get me to retaliate. I shook my head and tried to move on my way, only to have him follow me down Springdale, shout at me some more, and throw his drink at me, which covered me and my bike in a sticky drink.

Watch out neighbors, especially if you're just minding your own business on a bike. I did nothing to deserve being treated that way, and it seemed like he was just trying to get me mad enough to try to fight him.


Hair: Long, ponytail, black hair, Top: White sleeveless shirt, Age: 40's, Sex: Male, Race: Hispanic, Physical Build: Muscular


Color: White, Make: Mercedes, Model: Sedan or coupe, Type: Car, Other Information: Springdale and Sara

Of course this devolved into a rant about bad bicyclists.


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