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Bike-In Guerrilla Theater! ATX BFF 2K21, then Full Moon Cruise 07/23

Bike-In Guerrilla Theater! ATX BFF 2K21 bookface event, if you're into such things.

Full Moon Cruise bookface event.

Calling ALL fellow cyclists, wheelie masters, roadie cyborgs, leisurely cruisers, socialist cyclers, human powered vehicle operators, it's time to put your butts on your bikes and join us for a cinematic celebration of all things bicycle life related!

This is the 20th Anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival, and though we were not able to celebrate it proper with the usual rolling roadshow, I've decided to celebrate it in our own Austin way by running a bike ride to a guerrilla screening of the film fest! We've got Girls KILLING the BMX game, workers just doing their jobs, a spiritual cyclist with the most unique views on riding I've ever seen, and that's just a taste of the greatness you will witness if you join us for this cinemagraphic espectacular!

Meet-up: James D. Pfluger Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge
When: Friday, July 23rd at 7pm - wheels down at 8pm SHARP!
What: Short (<5 mile) ride to the secret spot, followed by two-hour presentation of the 20th Bicycle Film Festival!
Where: A park location of mystery and bemusement! For me to know and you to find out. For real we gotta fly low with this one because, well, it's not like I pulled any permits for this shit.*
Why: Because we LOVE bicycles, LOVE bicyclists, LOVE film, and LOVE watching short films shot by bicyclists about their bikes, other bicycles, and the folks who ride 'em!
How: Meet us at the bridge, we will ride out at 8pm SHARP (for real this is wheels drop at 8pm, not 8:12, not 8:23, 8 frikkin' PM! There's a reason explained below) - this ride is NO DROP, leisurely paced, and will have one short bit of gravel, but nothing a trued wheel and a steady hand cannot navigate.
What to bring: Your bike, lights, repair/safety gear, a blanket/towel/something to sit on (there's plenty of grass, but I can't vouch for the ants), snacks, hydration! It'll be dark and cooling off, but it's frikkin' July. Bring a beverage, and bring one to share! There's gonna be some sweaty folk out there.
How long: As long as you want to make it! The ride itself will be about 45 minutes on a bicycle, and less than five miles. We will keep an eye on you and shepherd you to the park, and if we find ourselves lagging there's a shortcut to make sure we make it on time. The film festival proper is 2 hours, so the goal is to press play at 9pm on the nose and wrap at 11 so y'all can get home safely before the drunks get loose...
OR -- make it a longer night and join us for the Full Moon Cruise! Details below, but they get rolling around 11:30pm from the same bridge we're meeting at, and we plan to give you plenty of leeway to roll out from the guerrilla BFF spot, hit a convenience store, and make it back to the bridge with time to catch your breath and re-hydrate. With the light of the moon at our backs this will be a truly mystical night of bike fancy!

[Doug's comment: this is all outside (so COVID risks are low) and low budget, so I'm kind of curious to see what Jason has come up with a projection setup, and hopefully the weather will cooperate!]

Full Moon Cruise info:

* Note: I've been asked by many, and yes, once the ride is underway I will post an update with a nearby location people can meet us at if they miss us from the bridge or don't get out of work/life/whatever till after 8pm. Keep an eye on the event and we WILL update 20-30 minutes after we leave the start spot. Long as you're nearish downtown you shouldn't have a problem meeting us before the first short film starts.

Regarding the Full Moon Cruise afterwards, note that we're now starting about an hour earlier than we did pre-COVID, so wheels down at about 11:30 - 11:45 PM -- don't arrive later than 11:30 PM.  Still the same 20-25 miles or so, going to a few mystery spots each ride at about 11-13 mph.

We started the Full Moon Cruise up again last month after the COVID-19 hiatus, schedule here, and hopefully Delta won't make us shut things down again in the future, but for now it's on again!


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