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Electric Bikes and conversions

Having just bought a second-hand folding Batribike for my bicycle-unfriendly Mrs to use, I have been considering getting one for myself so we can both use them when away in the camper.
I have been shocked at prices of 'decent' battery powered bikes from good names like Trek, Specialized, Cube etc.
I love my 8 yo Rockhopper which I've upgraded extensively and as its so fast, comfy and good handling I'm considering getting a kit to convert to battery power.
Has anyone on here done a conversion and could recommend a suitable self-build set up? Or should I just fork out for a decent ready built job of which there seem to be a plethora. And what can you say about electric skateboards? I'm looking for a one for my son, found some good here, but can't choose.

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Re: Electric Bikes and conversions

I got my kit from eBikeKit and have been pleased with it, but it's still $1068.  It was cheaper years ago when I bought mine, but my impression is that they want to sell only higher-quality stuff to lessen the chances of disappointment (e.g., no more heavy but cheaper lead-acid batteries).


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Re: Electric Bikes and conversions

Several years ago I installed a motor on my front wheel, and that was an economical way to give me extra power.  It has performed very well.  I didn't want full electric, just a way to get help with steep hills, strong winds, and the occasional day I was just TIRED coming home from work.


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